Cynthia White

Cynthia White

Regional Clinical Trainer, BCBA

Cynthia has been helping children maintain strong relationships through ABA therapy since 2013.


Cynthia White

My name is Cynthia White and I have been a BCBA since 2013 (after a career as a Special Ed Teacher and Behavior Consultant for both schools and families with children with challenging behaviors).

I have lived all over the country but grew up in Massachusetts. I have two young cats and love to cook! As a Clinical Trainer, I strive to educate all who are new to the field in how ABA can be applied to ALL behavior.

The most important part of my job is helping children and youth form and maintain strong relationships with the adults in their lives by helping them reduce interfering behaviors and increase the types of behavior that foster connection with others.

Work Cell: 252-375-3566