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Virtual ABA Therapy For Children

Virtual ABA therapy for children on the spectrum, with licensed ABA therapists to help your child grow.

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We accept most insurance plans

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How Virtual ABA Works


Parent Guidance

A trained BCBA will meet with you on a telehealth platform to discuss your needs and provide support. They'll work with you to determine your goals, and they will then work with your family to apply ABA principles to help you and your child achieve your goals.


Behavior Assessments

A BCBA will meet with you on a telehealth platform and work with you and your child to determine his/her needs, and to determine a treatment plan for the child.


Supervision of Therapy

EAS can utilize supervising ABA therapy via telehealth which might occur in-home or remotely.


Implementation Of Telehealth

At Cross River Therapy, we'll tailor our remote ABA therapy sessions to meet your child's needs and help them learn, grow, and have fun.

Our BCBAs and RBTs will work one-on-one with your child to help them achieve their goals through a telehealth platform.

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How To Know If Virtual ABA Is Right For Your Family

Telehealth ABA therapy services offer many benefits to children and their families. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, virtual ABA therapy might be the best option for your family:

  • Would you like to participate more in your child's therapy but you have a limited schedule?
  • Does your child's behavior change during observation?
  • Does your family live in a remote area with a limited amount of service options?
  • Are parents living in separate locations who want to participate in the therapy?

To learn more about your telehealth service options, give our team a call today - (919) 375-0475.

What families are saying

“I am very pleased!”

My son has tremendously made progress since attending this facility...

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Shonurell Roundtree

“I am happy with Cross River!”

I am happy with Cross River Therapy. They are awesome. I would recommend to others.

happy aba therapy client
Connie Shoffner
Disclaimer: Testimonials were solicited from former clients and are not particular to any specific behavior analysts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual ABA?

ABA telehealth, a.k.a virtual ABA therapy are ABA therapy sessions completed through two-way video calls. Virtual ABA has become more popular during the coronavirus, when families are social distancing to keep them and their children safe.

The good news is your child can still progress forward to accomplish their goals, and ABA sessions can be tailored to your personal needs.

Contact us today by filling out the form on our site or by emailing us, we're ready to help your family.

What are your business hours?

Monday – Sunday 8am – 6pm.

What does virtual ABA therapy cost?

Like in-person ABA therapy, virtual therapy costs, on average, $120 per hour. However, insurance typically covers the majority of the costs for autism therapy. We're always available to discuss our services, the costs, and ways you can lower the final cost with insurance providers.

Can ABA therapy be done virtually?

Yes, ABA therapy can be done virtually over telehealth platforms, where the child and a trained ABA therapist have live video calls.

Benefits of virtual in-home therapy

Here are some of many benefits to virtual ABA therapy at Cross River Therapy:

  • Receive ABA therapy and support for you and your child, no matter where you are.
  • Greatly reduced cost.
  • No travel necessary.
  • On-demand telehealth therapy consultations.
  • Enjoy the comfort and safety of your home while receiving ABA therapy.
  • Continue safely receiving ABA therapy for your loved ones, even during the pandemic.
  • Telehealth ABA services give opportunities for parents to take greater control of their child's care and be more involved in the therapy. Family members can always participate in a virtual session and become involved even if they are unable to attend an in-person appointment at our clinic.
  • Telehealth makes it easier to schedule and attend appointments at the right time. With telehealth, it's much easier to make it on time to an appointment since you avoid any travel.

Therapy Where You Are

Cross River Therapy extends across 4 states and over 70 cities across the U.S.