Sean Yocum, BCBA LBA

Director of Training

Sean Yocum has over 15 years of experience working with the autism population.


Sean Yocum, BCBA LBA

Sean Yocum is a recent graduate from Arizona State University with a Master’s in Special Education with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis.

He has over 15 years of experience working with the autism population ranging in a variety of environments ranging from public school, private school, home based, clinic based, and recreational sports.

He has grown up and been around autism his entire life, as he has a brother with autism. Sean has a unique understanding of what it is like for families to live with an individual with autism and he incorporates his clinical expertise with his personal life experience when providing treatment for individuals with autism.

His strengths range from identifying reinforcers that maintain severe maladaptive behavior, functional communication training, creating outside of the box treatments unique to the individual client within the scope of science, and developing meaningful relationships with his clients and therapist in order to establish therapeutic rapport.

Even though Sean, has been a BCBA for under a year, he has great leadership skills, a growth mindset, and is constantly attempting to improve his skills clinically to provide the best supervision and training for his supervises and families.