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Your child deserves the best ABA therapy in New Mexico, from licensed therapists that are trained to help your child thrive. No wait list!

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Looking For ABA Therapy In New Mexico?


Getting to know your child's behaviors

There are several techniques our experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts use to become familiar with your child's behavior.


Evaluations & diagnosis

Our trained Board Certified Behavior Analysts complete evaluations and diagnosis of your child's behavior to determine if autism, or something else, is the cause.


Research-based care for your child

We're proud to offer personalized ABA therapy in New Mexico that is research-based and proven to positively impact children with ASD. Your child can receive ABA therapy at home, in our center, or at school.

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At-Home ABA Therapy In New Mexico

In-home ABA therapy in New Mexico can help children ages 1-21 learn and grow, in the comfort of your home. Our BCBAs and RBTs are trained to help your child.

A licensed ABA therapist will come to your home and work directly with your child to help them live a more independent life.

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in-home aba therapy in new mexico

Parent & Family Training For ABA Therapy In New Mexico

We guide families in New Mexico by teaching them how to reinforce positive and correct negative behaviors in their child.

Your child's caregivers are involved in the therapy process so they can learn how to respond when challenges or conflicts arise if our therapists aren't there with your child.

We'll work together to help your child learn and grow, with Applied Behavior Analysis that is proven to help children with autism.

To find out more information about our parent & family training, contact us today by filling out the form.

Cross River Therapy's New Mexico ABA therapy program is customized to the individual child's needs, right at home.

Looking For The Best ABA Therapy In New Mexico?

At Cross River Therapy, we're proud to offer research-based and personalized ABA therapy in New Mexico to children on the spectrum, state-wide.

Our team of Registered Behavior Technicians and Board Certified Behavior Analysts have a total of 20+ years of experience in providing applied behavior analysis.

Contact a member from our team to learn more about how our research-based ABA can help your child's symptoms improve.

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What families are saying

“Cross River has been invaluable!”

Cross River has been invaluable for our family! They've provided ABA therapy for our son who has autism.

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“My son's RBT is very passionate”

I am very pleased with CRT. My son has tremendously made progress since attending this facility...

happy aba therapy client
Shonurell Roundtree
Disclaimer: Testimonials were solicited from former clients and are not particular to any specific behavior analysts.

Meet Our Team

Veronica Tighe, BCBA
Clinical Director, New Mexico

Veronica Tighe values learning and supporting others to achieve their personal, clinical and professional goals.

Cities We Service

We're proud to help children on the autism spectrum thrive, in cities all throughout New Mexico.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the success rate of ABA therapy?

A study of intensive ABA therapy found that, within the first year of receiving ABA therapy treatment for 32-39 hours per week, there was a 48% success rate in a classroom setting.

Is ABA therapy harmful?

ABA is a safe, proven, and highly beneficial therapy for removing socially and physically harmful behaviors, including behaviors associated with autism spectrum disorder.

A licensed and certified behavior therapist in a clinical setting is specifically trained to apply ABA safely and effectively, as well as to design programs in a way that reduces harmful behaviors in the long term.

However, if a therapist is not properly trained or accustomed to the child, the therapist could unintentionally make target behaviors worse or even lead to the development of new problem behaviors.

How much does autism therapy cost?

On average, ABA therapy with a board-certified therapist can cost $120/hour. However, insurance providers can help bring the cost lower by thousands of dollars per month, depending on how many hours of ABA therapy is needed.

Don’t lose hope: There are many contributing factors that can influence the overall cost of ABA therapy, including:

  • How many hours are required every week (10-20 is usually more than enough)
  • The ABA therapist’s experience levels and desired rates
  • The severity of autism the child experiences
  • Geographic location
  • The location of the therapy
  • Length of time (in months or years) spent with the therapist

Can ABA cure autism?

There is no cure for autism, but experts agree that ABA therapy is the best way to manage symptoms and develop independence skills. It’s important to know that autism spectrum disorder is a complicated condition that is different in every person.

Does ABA therapy cause PTSD?

A study found that respondents of all ages who were exposed to ABA therapy were 86% more likely to meet the PTSD criteria than respondents who were not exposed to ABA.

Interestingly, adults and children both had increased chances (41 and 130%, respectively) of meeting the PTSD criteria if they were exposed to ABA.

Read More: PTSD Statistics and Facts

What are the pros of ABA therapy?

Pro #1: Research supports ABA as an effective treatment

ABA has been well researched and continues to be found an effective treatment for people diagnosed with autism. Thousands of studies have been published about ABA therapy over the years, and as early as 1972, a review of over 400 studies related to ABA and autism concluded that the therapy showed the most consistent results in patients.And in 1996, another review of over 250 studies was completed and again found ABA to be effective in treating patients with autism.

Pro #2: ABA therapists are well-trained

ABA therapists have received extensive and formal training in behavior analysis, and they usually have a masters degree or higher. The majority of ABA programs are well supervised and therapists follow clear treatment guidelines while thoroughly documenting their progress.

Pro #3: Customized and personalized ABA programs

There is not a “typical” ABA program because each patient needs a program that fits their individual needs. After thorough observation and evaluation, your child’s therapist will tailor a program to fit your child’s needs. Therapists work through a variety of skills, including communication and academic, and focus on areas where your child needs specific guidance.

Where do you offer ABA in NM?

We're proud to offer autism therapy in the following cities:

  • Greater Albuquerque area
  • Los Lunas
  • South Valley
  • North Valley
  • Bernalillo
  • Rio Rancho
  • Cedro
  • Deming
  • Roswell
  • Santa Fe
  • Grants

How long will my child need ABA for?

For most children with autism, they should attend ABA therapy sessions on a regular basis, for between 10-40 hours every week, for multiple years, mainly because ABA is recommended as a long-term and intensive treatment program.

What conditions is ABA therapy used for?

Applied Behavior Analysis is a type of therapy that uses reinforcement strategies to try to improve communication, social, and learning skills in children. Many experts consider ABA to be the “gold-standard” treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental conditions.

When is ABA therapy most effective?

ABA therapy/training is most effective if the therapy begins when children are younger than 5 years old.

Older children with ASD can also benefit from the therapy, as it helps teach social, verbal, and motor behaviors. Children also learn reasoning skills and are taught how to manage challenging behavior.

What are the outcomes of ABA?

Various studies have shown evidence that early intervention using ABA leads to improved attention, focus, social and communication skills. Problem behaviors in children diagnosed at an early age with ASD are reduced by ABA.

What are the cons of ABA therapy?

Con #1: Time and cost can be prohibitive

Children are usually advised to take as many hours of ABA each week as possible, ideally 40 hours. This amount of therapy is and can be prohibitive because of both the time and cost involved.

The problem is, many school districts don’t have the resources available to provide ABA for that many hours.Therefore, lots of children who are diagnosed with autism who do receive ABA treatment only receive them for a portion of the time suggested.

However, a child doesn’t need 40 hours of therapy for it to be effective. Programs of 20 hours per week (or less) can and are implemented with great results – although they might not be as immediate.

Con #2: Qualified therapists may be hard to find

Although the amount of training the majority of therapists receive is definitely a positive, on the other hand, many states and localities don’t have laws and regulations regarding licensing of ABA professionals.

Therefore, unfortunately, anyone can claim they are an ABA therapist.It’s up to the parents to be aware and to question a therapist’s qualifications, and it’s important to know that there is a Behavior Analyst Certification Board parents can check with to see if a certain therapist has gone through the necessary certification process.

New Mexico ABA Insurance Coverage

We'll handle confirming your insurance coverage, confirming your benefits, and communicating them with you.

We'll inform you of the insurance providers available in your state, along with any costs that could be associated.

Contact a member from our team today to learn more about how insurance can help your family pay for autism therapy.

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