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#1 Center-Based ABA Therapy

At Cross River Therapy, our mission is to help your child cross the river to life-changing success and happiness with center-based ABA therapy.

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center-based aba therapy

How It Works


Getting to know your child

Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts spend time evaluating your child's history and concerns. We use a wide range of techniques to become to familiar with your child's behavior.


Partnering with school districts

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts complete evaluations and diagnosis of your child's behavior. Then, we determine if autism, or something else, is the cause of your child's behavior.


Providing personalized care

We develop a tailored care plan for your child's individual needs and behaviors. Our care plan is personalized for each child we work with.

how aba therapy works
aba therapist treating patient

Join Our Team

We’re hiring therapists, BCBAs, RBTs, and other clinical roles.

Competitive compensation

Comprehensive training

Remote work + flexible hours

Center-Based ABA Therapy

Welcome to our Center-Based ABA Therapy program, where we offer a dynamic and nurturing environment dedicated to unlocking the potential of individuals with autism and developmental challenges. Our centers provide a supportive and specialized space for personalized Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy that fosters growth, learning, and independence.

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