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RBT training opens up the door for therapists to easily start up their careers in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

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Steven Zauderer
November 9th, 2022
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Why is Finding The Best RBT Training Important?

RBT training opens up the door for therapists to easily start up their careers in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. It's an in-demand profession that's needed by children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly diagnosed with autism.

People with autism require special attention to help them improve on skills that might come normally to people without the disorder. To successfully work with the autistic requires comprehension of duties among certain jobs.

free rbt training

One of these is an RBT or Registered Behavior Technician. Good RBT preparation guarantees that clients with autism, supervisors, and patients that the best care will be given to help them improve their everyday life.

RBT training is needed for soon-to-be therapists. There are many reputable training courses offered.

Most are positively reviewed and notable within the ABA sphere. The prices for attending courses fluctuate between every state, region, or city.

The course is usually 40 hours long. Many seek out free RBT training. Although this does exist in some locations, the majority of trainees will have some form of payment.

There are many options for trainees to pay less, so going through courses at an affordable rate is possible to do. Bigger cities are oftentimes costlier but may harbor cheaper courses than one initially looked into.

In such areas, travel to the place of training might be faster. For people that are already working in an ABA center or something equivalent, such as a school, a person already employed should be contacted for information about the availability of RBT training that's provided. There are lots of businesses that cater to RBT training and can give acceptable rates.

Sometimes, the rates are better for individuals or groups. Most of the time, rates won't need to be requested and are told to the potential trainees at the time that the company is contacted.

Furthermore, costs could be higher or lower. There's no way of knowing what the total price will be until all is arranged through communication.

It's not uncommon to find one course offering a different rate to two different employers in the same city.

Like all training programs, RBT trainees receive their share of compliments and negative feedback, particularly on how the courses are delivered. Yet many are worthwhile and affordable to the average person that wishes to take them.

Options & Courses For Finding RBT Training

To finish RBT training, the whole course is mandated to be completed. It validates the trainee's competence in ABA and the duties expected of them. Here are additional steps needed for the courses to be successfully passed:

  • The entire course must be finished in no less than 6 months, and no more than five days.
  • A behavior analyst that's certified with a BACB must be present at the time that the course is administered.
  • All of the content in the training should go through the tasks that are within the Task List. In addition, three hours must be given to supervision of duties and familiarization with the RBT code of ethics.

RBT training is varied in its availability. The course is adaptable to trainees in person or over the web. Dividing them into smaller courses is accepted by the BACB.

Longer courses are sometimes separated into smaller bits to make it easier for trainees to take in, up until the 40-hour time limit is reached.

The content within the courses must center around techniques on behavior analytics, including training on behavior skills and instruction that's programmed.

Once the training is done, the person leading it is mandated to give every student who passed the training a form that shows they completed it from beginning to end.

This is needed once hopeful RBTs begin applying for different jobs in the field. RBTs shouldn't be confused with the BACB, with which this course is unaffiliated.

The RBT course is entirely separate from BACB. However, they're still expected to meet BACB standards to make it to the exam stage. The BACB advises that the below options be considered for getting through RBT successfully:

  • Some that show an interest in RBT already have a job that's affiliated with behavior analysis. In this circumstance, the employer would be the easiest way for them to go further. Numerous companies actively push their workers to develop their skills in RBT. A training course with BACB approval may already be available.
  • Working at a university is great for people planning on going for a bachelor's degree. Lots of programs related to ABA therapy direct that RBT-inclusive coursework is passed as a requirement for earning their degree.
  • Other universities have programs that give certifications needed for courses to complete RBT training.
  • Another option is training companies. Since behavior analysts are highly sought after, a training company with applicable coursework can provide certifications endorsed by the BACB. Regardless of the courses being on the internet or in person, they're easy to find in most areas.

Free Or Affordable RBT Training

The costs associated with RBT training aren't set at a single rate. But when it's provided by one's own company that they work for, the possibility of getting it for free increases, or at a very discounted price.

The most expensive way of getting RBT training is at a university. Another good outlet for getting RBT training at a markdown price is through the organization in a local area. The following are offerings that one can expect to receive at  such organizations:

  • A free course in its entirety - It's possible to find a 40-hour course that's entirely free. Best of all, they're usually based on BACB. Such will meet all the conditions expected from hopeful RBTs to know.
  • Low rates - A cheap RBT course usually averages about $100. Most of the time, more concessions by lowered costs are easier than a free course. When courses like this are available, the first lesson is usually free.
  • Video courses - Some RBT classes are on video only. They'll feature small quizzes taken when every section within the course is done. However, they'll usually cost more, selling for hundreds at times. Even so, not all organizations will be this expensive.

Organizations can offer an RBT course that's given as individual sales, with no groups. However, the most likely offering is both individual and group sales.

When groups can be selected, discounts are very common. They're usually made available to employers.

For example, an individual could be charged $100 while the group price can be $70 per person within the total.

Premiums are another choice for businesses and individuals. With this selection, more study packets could be given to groups and singles.

Staying Away From Scams and Fraudulent Claims

Every reputable training course will unfortunately have scams attempting to be identical to the legitimate courses made available to an organization. RBT is no different.

The best way to avoid scams is for trainees to verify all claims made by an organization, even if it happens to be within a company they work for. Credentials must be verified. Verification is known by whether the program in question is accredited by the BACB.

BACB accreditation ensures that the training meets all the requirements set out for legitimate certification of one RBT.

Trainees should also be careful to not be duped into taking part in any program which is uncertified or reported on by real BCBAs.

These are usually easy to avoid, so long as care is taken to find out whether all claims made by an organization are real. Even while cheap RBT programs are easy to find and register for, it remains less likely that entirely free courses will be found by all that seek them out.

Whenever an RBT program presents itself as something that can be done for free, trainees should heavily scrutinize said organization to learn of any additional fees not advertised.

Picking the Right Program

All applicants to an RBT training class should look at the attributes added to courses. Some of the cheaper ones may fall under BACB stipulations but provide nothing outside of this.

Things like competency checks, background checks, and supervisor training are some programs within RBT classes that have additional fees.

Trainees should be expected to pay more for in-person courses. No matter if online or in-person courses are given, they're both good and should be chosen according to one's learning preferences.

While some take in knowledge better in a fast-paced setting, this isn't for everyone.

Still, trainees who learn with others directly in their presence may find it hard to focus on a computer screen for too long.

The one that helps them learn better should be what's picked by those wishing to start an RBT career.

It doesn't take long to gain proficiency in RBT. This is why so many RBT employees make great workers dedicated to their job.

steven zauderer

CEO of CrossRiverTherapy - a national ABA therapy company based in the USA.

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