RBT Resume: Registered Behavior Tech Examples

Working with children as an RBT is tough but rewarding. Find out how to write your RBT resume to land your dream job.

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November 20th, 2022
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Sample RBT Resume Template

John Smith




Resume Summary

Knowledgeable Registered Behavior Technician with over five years of work experience in bettering outcomes in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Striving to push clients in Anytown Therapy Center in their achievement of social skills and independence. At Local ABA, helped a group of six children at home to develop a set of ASD results at a 40% average.


Registered Behavior Technician, BACB 2014

Work Experience

Registered Behavior Technician

Local ABA, Anytown, MA
March 2014-September 2020
  • Lead a task that included six children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Built track scales predicated on suits that were based on research and the suggestions of parents, along with mobility, communication, and independent outcomes.
  • Traced and ameliorated communication outcomes by up to 50% by using voice output devices and Picture Exchange Communication.
  • Mitigated problematic behaviors on an average of 25% every day by using interventions laid out through Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Utilized positive reinforcement procedures to boost gauges of independence and the social abilities of clients by 30% for six children with an ASD diagnosis.
  • Implemented fading and prompting to boost positive positive behaviors, incorporating them into clients' lives.

Special Education Teacher

Public School 00 Anytown, MA
February 2012-July 2016
  • Worked with five students diagnosed with autism.
  • Relied on task analysis to review the needs of children, together with cognitive and physical analysis. Made notable progress in behavior scores by 20%.
  • Generated behavior contracts with over 25 children, lowering behaviors deemed negative by 24%.


Registered Behavior Technician

Anytown College, MA

  • Passed the BACB Assessment on May 2014
  • Passed the RBT exam on June 2014

BS in Psychology, 2011

Anytown State University


  • Mandt trained in 2015
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, CPR, and First Aid

Key Skills

  • Professional skills: Care for clients, reduction of behaviors, reporting, Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Intermediate skills: Compassion, interpersonal abilities, group work, communicating with others
  • Member of the APBA, or Association of Professional Behavior Analysis
  • Attend the yearly held APBA conference
  • Had an article published in APBA magazine regarding ABA techniques

How To Write An Incredible RBT Resume

To write an incredible RBT resume, one must be truthful and thorough, yet concise and never too technical.

Most recruiters in various fields of work prefer when what they're looking for is conspicuous on a resume. Therefore, it shouldn't take several paragraphs to get to the meat of what they wish to know. For example, with an RBT, a recruiter would focus on the experience and certification of the applicant.

The easier it is for them to see this information, the more likely they are to contact you for a future interview. My resume shouldn't be too wordy. On an average day, recruiters go through dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes in one sitting.

Those that stand out to them are applicants that pay special attention to the flow. To achieve this, a modern template should be used, though one that gets straight to the point.

Proofreading is especially important, as is a cover letter to go with it. Cover letters are best when they reflect the personality of applicants and show that they're written exclusively for a company, and not a bulk on recruiters.

Format Your RBT Resume Correctly

Formatting is when the lines of text are situated in a way that makes a resume easier to read. Recruiters dislike having to read walls of text, something that makes it harder for them to see the details on an applicant's profile.

Here are additional formatting tips:

  • Chronological formats work best. They make the best resumes since they place the primary accomplishments in the portion of the page that's easiest to see.
  • Fonts should be basic, such as Trebuchet or Ariel. They allow for easier focus on the text and don't distract.

For most entry-level positions, which is the case for the average RBT, one page should be enough. For applicants with lots of experience, two pages should suffice. The name and email should be placed in the top header.

For added professionalism, a phone number and Linkedin address are suggested. A physical address isn't required, though the name of the city can be added when it's located close to an applicant's work address. The name of a resume file should be formatted as follows:

  • Your Name - Job Title - Resume.pdf

When in doubt over file formats, use pdf since most recruiters are more likely to have applications capable of reading them without having to download anything.

Start with an RBT Resume Summary or Objective

For a greater chance of having recruiters read the resume of an RBT applicant, a pitch is recommended. The features of a resume should be described very briefly.

However, for more experienced RBTs, a longer career summary would be fine. Three lines of text are sufficient. For applicants with no experience, the same thing can be done, though with an emphasis on schooling.

Customize Your RBT Job Description

Experience is one of the first things that recruits focus on in a resume. Work experience shouldn't be too bland, such as job duties alone.

When duties are tacked with the applicant's level of skills in each, it shows recruiters how well they performed on the job.

Improve Your RBT Resume Education Section

In the education section, applicants should place dates when courses were completed, BCBA credentials, and competency assessments immediately after the section showcases one's past employers.

College degrees should be listed after RBT credentials are shown. The location where one earned a high school diploma can be added as well.

Prove the Correct RBT Skills

Behavior technicians must be proficient in many skills. But the primary should be skills that recruiters actively search for new employers for. To know this, a look at the working of the job opening can help.

RBT Skills for a Resume

Here are some RBT skills that can be added to a resume:

  • Certified by a BACB
  • Behavior reduction
  • Care for clients
  • ABA therapy
  • Reporting
  • Mandt training
  • Picture Exchange communication system
  • Discrete trial training
  • Pivotal response training


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