RBT Certification Cost: What To Know

The average cost of RBT certification is between $100 to $400.

steven zauderer
Steven Zauderer
November 11th, 2022
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Did you know that the RBT certification costs between $100 to $400?

The average cost of RBT certification starts at $100 and goes up to $400. This cost is for courses that are accredited and certified by the BACB. The course itself caps out at 40 hours.

RBT certification costs between $100 to $400

There's a fee that must be paid for applying for the training, usually no more than $50 with another fee on top of taking the final exam near the end of the study.

A Registered Behavior Technician is a rewarding job done by qualified employees countrywide for the benefit of people with an autism diagnosis.

Many companies offer benefits and good compensation to workers, who have flexible hours and a positive work environment. But like all work that's done in the psychology field, RBTs have a strict training course that takes lots of studies to master.

The courses don't cease when employment is found, either. Many RBTs and other therapists perform additional exams to keep their certifications in good standing. But this begins with RBT training.

RBT certification can be costly for some, inexpensive for others, or even free for those in the right position.

If applicants are at least 18, can pass a background check and assessment on competency, and take courses from a verifiably certified company, jobs are open to them afterward.

RBT training is usually available for free or at a reduced cost when the person in training works for a business that's affiliated with ABA therapy.

This is why many employees that take the course have some idea of what RBT and ABA are like, or at least know what to expect. Nevertheless, people without a background can get inexpensive or free training as well, though the attainability can differ in every state.

Choices for Online RBT Training

How one decides to begin their RBT courses can be dissimilar from someone else, even in the same locality. Schooling for this is an alternative, though university tends to be the most expensive option.

No less than $200 should be the expected payment needed for this institution for higher education.

Organizations sometimes can give training to single persons or several people at a lower cost.

The latter is done by businesses more often than single payers. Packages determine what can be done.

A course may feature just the test, and little else. Another might have extensive training, competency evaluation, and a lot of practice exams to help prep students for the final test.

RBT training opens up the door for applicants to make a higher salary from the beginning of their careers.

Early training helps with marketability, where a better position has a higher chance of being found.

For businesses that wish to put an employee through RBT training, having them pay for all of it isn't advisable.

That doesn't stop some from making payments to have coursework done. RBT is a highly competitive job, both within companies and outside of them.

Being certified to become an RBT before there's an opening for the job is very advantageous to the company employing them and the worker.

Issues sometimes come up through confusion, where a course that the applicant thought was free later has fees they weren't fully aware of at the start of the course.

This can total much more than what one might have been led to pay. Fortunately, most reputable organizations that work with RBT certification are honest from the beginning.

It's a good idea to include fees in the expenses, even if the coursework itself has already been paid for.More expenses can come from transport.

RBT training doesn't always happen in the same location as the worker's job. Travel might be necessary, sometimes for longer commutes than one might think.

These should also be added to the total expenses of trainees. On the positive side, tests can be taken more than once a year if failed, though more travel on the test date is needed.

The final exam takes place only one day, with no added courses needed for at least a year after retaking. RBT training, though affordable, can come with an unpredictable price tag.

But the benefits of having the training needed for RBT duties outweigh the small financial burden necessary to earn it.

steven zauderer

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