RBT Renewal Application: How To Apply & Prepare

This is a complete guide on the RBT renewal application process. Learn how to apply and prepare today.

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November 9th, 2022
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RBT Renewal Competency Assessment

An RBT renewal is granted only when the taker shows a knowledgeable understanding of behavioral therapy within the confines of their employment duties.

RBT Renewal Competency Assessment

The profession requires hands-on teaching and interaction with children diagnosed with ASD.

Therefore, the assessment helps ensure that standards remain high for RBT employers and the people they work around.The following are major attributes that are found in the competency assessment:

  • A therapist that's at least certified as a BACB or higher must oversee the assessment or administer the examination.
  • A secondhand assistant must serve as an accompanying assessor. They're either partially or wholly responsible for how the assessment is carried out.
  • The assessment can only be done after 45 days from the date that the other RBT certification expired.
  • The amount of sessions isn't of concern, whereby they can be carried out as they're desired.
  • The RBT exam isn't in written form but is instead with active interaction with a client, such as a child, or by conducting an interview.

BACB Competency Assessment

The therapy that RBTs provide to patients, most often children, is crucial to the improvement of their disorder.

If training isn't properly done, the RBT could become complacent or miss out on major changes and updates to portions of their certification.

It's a worthwhile procedure to keep the care given to the autistic as consistent as possible.Below are the BACB competency assessment's primary attributes:

  • BACB-certified behavioral therapists or higher ranking, such as a BCaBA, are the only people who may carry out and manage the training. The BCBA must have the proper training to do this, consisting of an eight-hour course on supervising RBTs.
  • An assessor follows through with an assessment of the trainee. Their tasks see them take on a role of accountability over trainees throughout the entire session.
  • The BACB assessment has a 45-day waiting period from the date of the last certification's expiry.
  • This assessment has several ways in which it can be done. The most common way is over the web. Whether completed online or hands-on, videos can be created to facilitate the assessment.

One point of the BACB assessment is to judge how well an RBT can carry out their duties with the children they see every day.

As such, the test itself isn't written down but rather carried out through a series of tasks involving roleplay. Alternatively, examiners can set up a series of questions for the trainee to check on their understanding of the job they perform.

How Do I Renew My RBT Certification?

The first thing needed for RBT renewal to commence is proper documentation.

To successfully prepare for an RBT application all necessary paperwork must be filled out and turned in quickly.

There is a process involved in this.

The BACB will administer a list with important suggestions and steps needed to get through all portions of the application. When going through the renewal process, the following are recommended for RBTs:

  • An update to the contact details of the RBT on their BACB account, including updates on name changes if they occur
  • A thorough evaluation of the RBT Handbook. Within the book, the stipulations for certificate maintenance should be noted.
  • The renewal competency assessment is to be finalized.
  • For finalization, the renewal application should be filled out
  • A fee must be paid, either through the mail or by online payment. Paying online is usually encouraged to help speed up acceptance times.
  • The documents required for the application should be up to date, along with the competency assessment and application for renewal. This is submitted to the BACB account of the RBT.

The steps laid out above must be done with diligence. While waiting after submission, trainees should watch for email traffic that comes from their BACB.

Changes might need to be made, so communication lines must be open and quickly responded to.

If there's additional info required by the BACB, it must be done before renewal is issued.

But if nothing of the sort is needed, waiting for a final email confirmation is the final step. It'll list clearly that the renewal is updated to the next year.

How Long Can You Be Inactive as an RBT?

RBT certification has late fees. An RBT is allotted a grace period of up to 30 days after the initial date of expiry to get a renewal for their certification.

It will become inactive after that, though RBTs can still get a renewal at an increased price. If the RBT waits any longer, they must pay an additional $50 to complete it.

How Much Does the RBT Competency Assessment Cost?

According to the BACB, RBT certification must always be done annually.

This isn't expected to change for the foreseeable future. As such, the date of expiry on the certificate is always a year after the date on which the RBT exam is successfully passed.

For renewals, it ends on the corresponding renewal date. These dates can be verified on the Certificate Registry or the RBT's BACB account.Most of the positions held by therapists relating to RBT must pay a fee for recertification.

And since recertification can happen every year for varied positions, therapists are accustomed to going through training and making payments for it as the expiry dates draw near.

Yet most certifications paid for are done when training or evaluation is finalized.

The renewal fee for the RBT assessment is $35.

This is paid for right before the renewal application is submitted. Trainees shouldn't expect a fast acceptance notice with payment. It takes an average of two weeks for the email confirmation to go through.

What If I Missed My Recertification Date?

Again, recertification is possible, even with an expired certification.

This is why it's strongly advised to RBTs to get their renewals done quickly. The fee is much steeper than the ordinary price for a newly-granted certification.

To resubmit when the last certification is expired, the same steps are applied.

Aside from the difference in the payment amount, nothing concerning the documents that are to be sent out changes.

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