Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Cover Letter [Guide]

Here is a guide to making an RBT cover letter, and some examples of incredible behavior technician cover letters we’ve seen.

steven zauderer
Steven Zauderer
November 22nd, 2022
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How To Make An RBT Cover Letter

A cover letter can be made by describing the skills, education, and employer's ambitions in a letter that's sent to a company alongside a resume. Many employers specializing in ABA therapy, including those that don't, will ask for a cover letter to be attached to a resume.

how to make an rbt cover letter

Since applications are often done online, they're sometimes listed next to the text box of a resume, where the applicant can either type, paste, upload, or link a cover letter to the company's website.

Some companies might ask that the cover letter be provided during an initial employment interview. However, creating a good cover letter that stands out from other applicants isn't always easy.

Conducting Research

Before beginning on an RBT cover letter, the job that an applicant is applying for should be understood, as should the employer.

A rundown on their website is a good place to start, though the research shouldn't end here. A scroll through any of the company's social media accounts, public releases to new media, and other important announcements can help applicants find crucial information to include in a cover letter.

It also shows that an applicant has taken a deep interest in the company instead of making a rushed effort with filler text.After looking into the company, applicants should check for attributes that they and the company have in common. For instance, the company could be one that's already listed as a follower on one’s social media page.

This also can tell whether goals match up to those of the hopeful RBT. Maybe there's something the company has done that the applicant admires.

When a connection is made with an employer, it can be used as a motivator for the entire cover letter.

Writing Paragraphs

Introductions should start with a quick explanation of the applicant's profile, whether they're still in schools persuading post-RBT certifications, and the current major being taken.

If there's another that the applicant is attempting to leave, it should be noted, including a description of the job and the reasons for the switch.The position the applicant wishes to apply for should be included. In the same section, a connection should be made to the research previously conducted.

For instance, an applicant could write that they liked a company's project described in a past newsletter. In the second paragraph, applicants should describe past positions, experiences, and skills required by their previous employers.

Still, care should be made to not make it read too identical to what's placed on a resume.In the third paragraph, thanking the employer is recommended, with emphasis placed on the time they took in reading through the cover letter.

This is where contact methods should be placed. Although additional information can be added here, showing gratitude and listing one's contacts should be the focus.

Examples Of Incredible Behavior Technician Cover Letters

Below are good examples of cover letters for reference to an RBT position.

Example 1

I am jubilant to be applying as a Registered Behavior Technician with your company.

Possessing a Bachelor's degree in psychology, I've been employed in the field for two years. My experience includes working with kids ranging from toddlers to adolescents with various behavioral disorders. I am driven to help kids and teens in learning novel skills to better their lives.

As laid forth in your most recent blog post, I too am dedicated to using my expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis to meet the high standards that you demand from all employers.

I am compassionate and patient with children and parents. Proficient in data collection and record keeping, my motivation to continue learning and growing as a professional behavior technician is high.

I'm delighted to join your company and become a member of your team. I know that my skills will be a valuable and proven asset to the integrity of the organization and its mission. I can be reached at 000-0000 or

Thank you for your consideration and time.

Example 2

I am writing to show my interest in the Registered Behavior Technician position that you posted on your website's application page.

This position is the right fit for my level of experience. I've worked as a behavior technician at my previous employer since last December. Duties there included assisting children diagnosed with autism, along with other behavioral disorders.

Responsibilities such as ensuring that children were bathed, properly dressed, and fed were part of my daily routine. I frequently spoke with the parents of the children so that they could understand the purpose of all therapy sessions.

My experience as an RBT gave me the honor to help kids with disabilities of all ages and levels of severity. It's taught me how to speak with and interact with them regardless of their cognitive abilities.

Simultaneously, I've learned to manage high-intensity situations with clients, de-escalating instances with the potential to cause harm to others or themselves.I'm certain that my RBT experience will be an asset to the company's day-to-day and long-term goals.

My education and training will help me to learn new skills and employee culture. I look forward to meeting with you. Please contact me at 000-0000 for any questions. Thank you for your consideration.


steven zauderer

CEO of CrossRiverTherapy - a national ABA therapy company based in the USA.

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