29 Best Autism Blogs To Read In 2023

Today you'll see some of the best autism blogs for adults, parents, and teachers to read.

steven zauderer
Steven Zauderer
September 20, 2023
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The world of autism, including autism education and autsim research, is always evolving. With that said, there are more and more blogs about autism being created by parents and bloggers around the world. While there are hundreds of excellent autism blogs that you can read, we're sure we've found the very best.

Each blog we've included in our list was chosen based on a list of criteria including:

  1. The reputation of the people managing the blog
  2. Consistency and quality of the articles
  3. The blog's website metrics, like website traffic, social shares, etc
  4. Number of Facebook and Twitter followers
  5. The number of websites that link to that blog

Keep reading to find the best autism blogs that will help you better understand this complicated behavior disorder.

15 Best Autism Blogs For Adults

If you're looking for the best autism blogs for adults, we've got you covered. Below are some of the most popular blogs about autism:

  1. CrossRiverTherapy
  2. Autism Parenting Magazine
  3. The Autism Blog by Seattle Children’s
  4. Above & Beyond ABA Therapy
  5. Apricott Resources
  6. Finding Cooper’s Voice
  7. The Art of Autism
  8. The Autism Café
  9. Supportive Care ABA
  10. Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism
  11. The Autism Helper
  12. Hi Blog! I’m Dad
  13. Autistic and Unapologetic
  14. The Other Side: Blogging on Autism and Art
  15. The Color of Autism Foundation
Rank Autism Blog For Adults
#1 CrossRiverTherapy
#2 Autism Parenting Magazine
#3 The Autism Blog By Seattle Children's
#4 The Autism Dad
#5 Finding Cooper's Voice
#6 The Art Of Autism
#7 The Autism Café
#8 The Mom Kind
#9 Thinking Person's Guide To Autism
#10 The Autism Helper
#11 Hi Blog! I'm Dad
#12 Teach Love Autism
#13 Autistic and Unapologetic
#14 The Other Side
#15 The Color of Autism Foundation

15 Best Autism Blogs For Parents & Teachers

  1. Age Of Autism
  2. Autism Adventures
  3. Autism Daddy
  4. Best Practice Autism
  5. Faith, Hope, and Love...With Autism
  6. Finding Cooper's Voice
  7. The Journey Through Autism
  8. Just a Lil Blog
  9. Look Me in the Eye
  10. The Mom Kind
  11. Raising Autistic Kids
  12. Seattle Children's Autism Blog
  13. Stimeyland
  14. Squidalicious
  15. Thinking Person's Guide To Autism
Rank Autism Blog For Parents & Teachers
#1 Age of Autism
#2 Autism Adventures
#3 Autism Daddy
#4 Best Practice Autism
#5 Faith, Hope, and Love...With Autism
#6 Finding Cooper's Voice
#7 The Journey Through Autism
#8 Just a Lil Blog
#9 Look Me in the Eye
#10 The Mom Kind
#11 Raising Autistic Kids
#12 Seattle Children's Autism Blog
#13 Stimeyland
#14 Squidalicious
#15 Thinking Person's Guide To Autism
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