What Is An ABA Therapist? ABA Job Description

An ABA therapist is a therapy professional who works 1-on-1 with children on the autism spectrum.

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November 11th, 2022
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What Is An ABA Therapist?

An ABA therapist is a therapy professional who works 1-on-1 with children on the autism spectrum. Many patients of ABA therapy are children between the ages of 1-21, and they need a trained therapist to help them learn the proper behavior.

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What Does An ABA Therapist Do?

As an ABA therapist, your duties and responsibilities include working under the supervision of a licensed behavioral analyst to conduct specific therapy strategies for your patients.

what does an aba therapist do

The techniques you'll implement as an ABA therapist have been perfected over the last several decades to help children improve speech, behavior, and physical abilities.

Your job as an ABA therapist involves recording data during each session to track the child's progress and develop future therapies for the child. You might sometimes work with adults as well, but the majority of your patients will likely be children.

ABA Therapist Job Description Sample

Our organization is looking for a licensed ABA therapist to join our care team. In this role, you will work alongside our board-certified behavior analysts and leadership team.

You will work primarily with children on the autism spectrum to help them improve their social skills and behavior.

This job is a unique opportunity to help children across the U.S. develop appropriate social and life skills which will help them live a more normal and independent life.

You might be providing the therapy at your patient's home, their school, or at our ABA therapy center. In any location, it's essential to display empathy and patience towards the children you work with.

You must have a bachelor's degree in psychology or social work and be willing to become a certified RBT.

We also require you to pass a pre-employment background check so we can verify that you are up-to-date on your vaccinations.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Give clients strategies in learning appropriate social and life skills.
  2. Help implement treatment plans while under the supervision of board-certified behavior analysts.
  3. Provide therapy to children in home-based, school-based, or clinic-based locations.
  4. Maintain detailed records of your patient's behavior.
  5. Assist with administrative tasks as requested.
  6. Provide assistance and advice to the patient's family to make sure they're comfortable.

Requirements and Qualifications

Degree Required Associate's, bachelor's or master's preferred
Education Field of Study Psychology, special education or ABA-specific courses
Training Required Field experience, ABA-specific course-work
Licensure Required Behavior Analyst Certification Board certification, based on level of experience and education
Key Responsibilities Working with clients one-on-one, writing behavior support plans, collecting data, conducting functional assessments, communicating with teachers, family members, and caregivers.
Median Salary (2019) $34,602*
  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Bachelor's degree in social work, psychology, or a related field (preferred)
  • RBT certification / Willingness to receive RBT certification
  • Experience working with children is a plus
  • BLS certification is a plus
  • Incredible communication and interpersonal skills
  • Up-to-date immunizations, including TB
  • Valid driver's license and reliable transportation

Where Do ABA Therapists Work?

ABA therapists conduct therapy sessions in a variety of settings:

  1. The patient's home
  2. The patient's school
  3. A public location when a new skill must be learned in a certain place
  4. Clinic settings, such as therapy centers alongside many other types of therapists
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How to Be a Good ABA Therapist

A good applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapist has the right balance of practical experience, patience, empathy, and academic knowledge to succeed.

how to be a good aba therapist

To become a good ABA therapist, spend time gaining a complete understanding of how ABA was developed, why it works, and its intricacies.

Ask other ABA therapists questions and continually learn from your supervisors so you can gain insight into how great ABA therapists work.

Also, be sure to develop your patience and persistence, as these character traits have a big impact on your patients, their families, as well as your success in this career.


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