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Does Anthem Cover ABA Therapy?

Yes, Anthem covers ABA therapy under most conditions. Speak with our team to learn if your child's ABA therapy can be covered by Anthem.

steven zauderer
Steven Zauderer
August 28th, 2022
Does Your Child Have Autism?

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Anthem ABA Therapy Coverage

anthem aba therapy insurance coverage

Yes, Anthem covers ABA therapy under most conditions. Insurance providers in California are required to give the same amount of coverage for mental issues, such as autism spectrum disorder, as they do for physical conditions.

In a coordinated effort, Anthem works with behavioral healthcare professionals, communities, governmental agencies, and institutions.

Benefits of Anthem's ABA therapy coverage

  1. Anthem supports thorough behavioral health and physical treatments, since they are both crucial aspects of health care.
  2. ABA therapy could be approved for up to 40 hours per week in certain situations. Anthem Blue Cross covers the first cost of an ABA session.
  3. Anthem's Behavioral Health professional community includes mental health professionals, social services, psychiatrists, specialist nurses, and employment assistance health care experts.
  4. Anthem can satisfy the requirements of individuals with mental health and behavioral issues.
  5. Professionals ensure that children with autism receive high-quality and professional behavioral therapy.

An Important Disclaimer

As a parent, you should to know that Anthem won't cover ABA therapy services until the pre-approval review procedure has been approved and completed.

A Competency Based Assessment (CBA) prior authorization is required for ABA therapy. You'll also need a referral and diagnosis signed by a medical doctor when your family first requests ABA therapy.

Following these steps will help your child receive best-in-class autism care that should make a meaningfully positive impact their symptoms, social and learning skills.

Helping Children, One Day At A Time

Our team of board-certified ABA therapists are proud to provide life-changing autism care for children ages 1-21 who are diagnosed with autism.

Our mission from day one is to provide best-in-class ABA therapy to every child with autism. Contact our team today to check your Anthem insurance coverage with CrossRiverTherapy.


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steven zauderer

CEO of CrossRiverTherapy - a national ABA therapy company based in the USA.

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