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What Is The Age Limit For ABA Therapy In New Mexico?

Find out what the age limit is for receiving Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in New Mexico.

steven zauderer
Steven Zauderer
September 15, 2023
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What Is The Age Limit For ABA Therapy In New Mexico?

The age limit for ABA therapy in New Mexico is 19 for most young adults but can go up to 22 in some circumstances.

In New Mexico, state law mandates that all health insurance companies located within its borders cover a maximum of $36,000 annually for any services associated with treating young people and adults with autism. As per the law, the costs of ABA therapy are covered for children and adolescents to 19 years old.

However, people that remain enrolled in high school are eligible to be covered until the age of 22. There is a life coverage rate going up to $200,000. However, there are zero limits stipulating a cap on the number of visits.

Like New Mexico, others US states have crafted legislation to make it easier and more affordable for autistic children to enroll in therapy. While age limits can sometimes vary from state,

New Mexico sets the precedent for coverage to extend a while after a teenager's 18th birthday.

This is useful for patients that receive an autism diagnosis at a time earlier than what's normal. The majority of undiagnosed people with the disorder aren't children.

New Mexico is also in the process of making laws that regulate and control the way licenses are given to ABA therapists that work with autistic children. Some states already have this in place, though New Mexico is likely to join those that do shortly.

Age limits typically coincide with the amount that health insurance companies are willing to cover. When young adult reaches the age of either 21 or 22, they could continue to have therapy covered for them through Medicare. Under the terms of Medicare, people younger than 60 diagnosed with ASD are usually eligible for coverage.

What Is The Age Range For ABA Therapy In New Mexico?

In most ABA clinics located in the state, the age range that someone can attend is between three and 19 years old.

New Mexico is similar to most other states in this regard. While there are other forms of therapy that autistic children under three can take,

ABA sessions are made only for kids that have a sure diagnosis of autism.

Although the disorder can be detected in infancy, more tests might be required for a proper level of autism to be designated, as laid out in the DSM.

While a child may receive a diagnosis, a later diagnosis going into their toddler years can better classify their autism severity, which helps BCBAs at ABA clinics find a treatment plan that's suitable to their level and the individual's circumstances regarding every client.

How Long Do Kids Stay In ABA In New Mexico?

As an intensive and weekly session, ABA therapy in New Mexico can result in children attending for two to five years, or longer.

The nature of ABA treatment centers on long-term solutions to treat autism symptoms. Rarely is there a case of autism where the client requires no less than a month's worth of therapy, at least when it comes to those with moderate and severe symptoms.

Treatments in New Mexico begin early and go on for months, sometimes years, when a child is free from school.

Sometimes, treatment can take place at school, during the school year, or even at home. The standard time per week for every child is between 10 to 40 hours.

A client could finish early and begin a different phase of treatment at a later time in their childhood. How each person is treated can change per patient, including the plan and length of time they go on every month.

steven zauderer

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