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What Is The Age Limit For ABA Therapy In Arizona?

Find out what the age limit is for receiving Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in Arizona.

steven zauderer
Steven Zauderer
September 15, 2023
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What Is The Age Limit For ABA Therapy In Arizona?

The age limit for parents to receive ABA coverage for their child in Arizona is 16.

The age limit for parents to receive ABA coverage for their child in Arizona is 16.

Applied Behavior Analysis in Arizona is much like that in other US states. Nevertheless, the typical age is slightly lower than average, at least for the oldest.

It's certainly possible for people to enroll children older than 16 into courses, yet the problem is coverage. Health insurance providers stipulate more or less coverage to specific age groups. For example, a child between the ages of 9 and 16 years old can receive up to $25,000 annually.

But for children under nine, coverage goes up to $50,000. The MHPAEA Act is a federal law that forbids group healthcare coverage plans from forcing benefit limitations that are unfavorable to parents and their special needs children. It's used for surgical and medical benefits, and also applies to ABA therapy.

Regardless, ABA coverage for children with autism remains regulated by the state. The insurance law for autism in Arizona applies to state employee health coverage, and individual grandfathered plans, excluding non-grandfathered plans. Then there are fully insured group plans, though coverage doesn't apply to smaller group grandfathered plans.

Younger age groups receive higher coverage amounts due to the younger period in ABA being more imperative to a child's development.

Studies indicate that the earlier autistic child is treated for their condition, the better they'll be able to manage symptoms as they grow into adolescence.

Additionally, treatments may go on for a longer amount of time for kids younger than nine. At its longest period, parents could find their children in ABA therapy for up to 40 hours every week.

What Is The Age Range For ABA Therapy In Arizona?

The age range for ABA therapy in Arizona is 3 to 16.

Age ranges usually fall within the timeframe for which insurance companies will offer some coverage to parents. As autistic kids begin learning and their symptoms improve, they usually will require less time in ABA sessions than they initially did.

Once symptoms are no longer present or by and large become manageable, fewer weekly hours will be spent until a BCBA determines that no sessions are needed for a while. This doesn't mean that therapy is over for them.

Many autistic individuals continue to see therapists long into their adulthood.

The age range also provides therapists with a timeframe for when specific goals should be met. These goals may not come to fruition for weeks, months, or years even.

But through prolonged and consistent treatment, a good healthcare plan that doesn't financially burden parents, and experienced doctors, autistic children in Arizona significantly improved their chances of living a normal and fulfilling life after therapy is over.

How Long Do Kids Stay In ABA In Arizona?

Children typically stay in ABA courses for two to five years.

Although the amount of time every person stays in ABA can change, the average for the longest is five years, with the additional time necessary for extreme cases. On its own, ABA is a highly customizable type of therapy that can radically change its execution from person to person.

It's different for every child that takes part in it. For this reason, ABA courses could last a short or long time every week. Short durations are rarer since symptoms in a child seldom dissipate in only a couple of weeks.

Months to years should be anticipated by parents, especially for those with children that are nonverbal.

When children with milder symptoms attend ABA courses, they too can have longer periods spent in therapy, usually to push them in the areas they lack to a level where it can become difficult for others to notice that they have autism.

steven zauderer

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