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How To Find A Great BCBA Supervisor (Guide)

A BCBA supervisor acts as a lead for programs involving clinical therapy, such as Applied Behavior Analysis.

steven zauderer
Steven Zauderer
September 15, 2023
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What is a BCBA Supervisor?

A BCBA supervisor acts as a lead for programs involving clinical therapy, such as Applied Behavior Analysis. They give behavioral and consulting services to patients, clients, and others that are involved in the therapy.

BCBA supervisors carry out evaluations as they emerge, create plans for the support of their clients, and make certain that all home, school, and center-based programs are effectively carried out. Additionally, BCBA supervisors carry out supervisory roles to emerging BCBA hopefuls.

Can You Get a BCBA Supervisor for Free?

Yes, a BCBA supervisor can be provided free of charge if the BCBA is sufficiently qualified.

Still, this isn't always the best route to take. BCBAs that are free might have less experience, with minimal employment history.

The BCBA could be unskilled in specific areas and harbor less knowledge than those that aren't free. Furthermore, The learning pace and personality may not pair well with the BCBA.

How Can You Get a BCBA Supervisor?

After finishing the exam, the prospects of learning from BCBA are often capped. Experience as a supervisor is what's needed to get a hopeful position, one that's comfortable for the applicant. Finding a great supervisor isn't an easy task, though it's certainly worth the effort and cost in the long run.

Questions to Ask Your BCBA Supervisor

While searching for a BCBA supervisor, remember to not go with the first one that you contact. Talk with several of them, asking each the following questions:

1. What is the number of years you have worked as a BCBA supervisor?

Since their demand for them is up, it's easy to find new BCBAs giving supervision. Having occurred very recently, BCBAs are now required to have a year's worth of practice before giving supervision to novel candidates. With the minimum, it's ensured that the supervisor has enough experience to pass on to other BCBA hopefuls.

The largest benefit to having a supervisor who's new in the area is the amount of enthusiasm they have in the field. Unfortunately, passion can sometimes fail after a while. Nevertheless, a supervisor that's determined to see advances in their profession will help others stay on their game, keeping up the excitement and making work interesting.

2. What is your related experience?

Hopefuls are encouraged to seek out a supervisor who practices work in an area they're interested in.

Before asking this question, it's recommended that the questionnaire understand the environment they wish to work in, whether it'll involve children, adults, or teens, and whether a career in something like OBM is being considered.

A supervisor that has experience in more than one area is best. Just having an understanding of the different work environments can make one marketable.

3. How do you carry out your supervision?

All BCBAs have the supervisor characteristics that set them apart from the next. However, they must adhere to the practices that are laid out in Behavioral Skills Training.

There are some which have a style of management that's more direct, where they advise subordinates on what should be done in specific circumstances. Still, there are others more indirect while assigning more initiative to the people they work with.

4. When are you available to provide supervision?

The BCBA supervisor's availability should be the same as the one practicing for the position. It should never interfere with classes being taken. Some BCBAs work a full schedule and have simultaneous projects going on all at once. Find one that has the time to prioritize you and stay committed to your schedule.

BCBA Supervision Requirements & Hours

Hopeful BCBA supervisors must finish 1500 hours of behavior analysis work. They must be supervised at least one time for experience hours to be counted as a period of supervision. This amounts to five percent of all hours done in session.

steven zauderer

CEO of CrossRiverTherapy - a national ABA therapy company based in the USA.

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