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7 Best Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Programs

Find the best applied behavior analysis (ABA) graduate programs.

steven zauderer
Steven Zauderer
September 15, 2023
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Top 7 Master's Degree ABA Graduate Programs

Here are the top 7 ABA graduate programs:

  1. University of North Carolina
  2. Queen's College
  3. Utah State University
  4. Cambridge College Boston
  5. University of Houston
  6. Jacksonville State University
  7. Baylor University

1. University of North Carolina

Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, the university having the same name has a Master of Arts in Psychology program that focuses on ABA therapy.

There's a UNCW Master of Arts in Psychology major as well, with a primary focus on ABA. The school's passing rate is tallied at 100% with a ratio of 18 to 1.

The average tuition rate of graduates is $4,719 every year. For out-of-state students, this is much higher at $18,548 annually. The university has earned ten points and is widely considered one of the best schools for the study of anyone pursuing ABA caterers.

At the university, interested students are sure to get knowledge of all principles of ABA, namely methodological and conceptual. The program zeroes in on services provided to therapists as they apply to individual patients.

The average student will have finalized their degree in a little two years

2. Queen's College

If affordability is of one's concern, Queen's college is the right pick for a university. It's very cheap compared to what's given by many colleges.

The Master of Arts in its ABA program helps all students, especially if they plan on continuing with their credentials and furthering their education.

Anyone that wants to learn more in the program is required to have 15 credits in psychology for an undergraduate degree. It includes distinctive laboratory work.

If such requirements aren't shown but have completed the courses missed at the level of an undergraduate, They are granted the right to retake them without paying anything.

When compared to other universities in the same region, Queen's College ranked 50th best, with a 23 ranking among the universities with good degrees for veterans.

3. Utah State University

Located in Logan, Utah, this university has an MS with a BCBA. Its pass rate is 100% and the ratio is 19 to one.

Most graduates have fairly low tuition of $6,164 every year, though this is for students who reside in the state. As expected, it's much higher for those coming from other states besides Utah.

The average for those students is $21,575 a year. Their three-year MS is guaranteed to prepare all students for later work as behavior analysts. What's studied features coursework from them sitting at the exam.

In total, the courses needed are Supervision and Systems Change, special education and their legal problems, and Professional behavior and ethics around the world.

4. Cambridge College Boston

Up front Cambridge in Boston's ABA program is flourishing. For students to earn their Master's here, it takes at least 38 colors this time, though I could be wrong since I haven't placed a Madden game in many years.

Of the credits named, 14 of them are for special education students only but there are 24 which form the ABA sequences. Cambridge has the resources available to give students as audits, those with specific duties while away from school.

The passing rate for them all was 94% on the BCBA exam. Cambridge college is popular among people in Washington DC. However, Cambridge rooms are sleep

5. University of Houston

The University of Houston is located in the Texas city with the same name, in the Clear Lake neighborhood. Students can receive an MA in Behavior Analysis there.

The tuition rate is about $7,920 a year for in-state residents. This university averages out to $17,568 a year, so not the highest shown on the list.

The university has behavior analysis programs through its MA, also for individuals that have developmental issues of their own. All students learn much about the fundamentals of ABA and how it came from a controversial therapy to one used and respected globally.

6. Jacksonville State University

This university is in Jacksonville, Alabama. It has a JSU MS program that focuses on ABA techniques. Tuition for the school is about $9,600 every year for people in the state.

7. Baylor University

Baylor University is in Waco, Texas, and has a high pass rate. The school offers Master's degrees in ABA with its educational psychology program. Baylor is good for students that live in the state and are wishing to get through with certifications in a speedy manner.

Choosing The Best ABA Graduate Programs

Being a specialized practice used by many throughout the country, Applied behavior analysis makes use of people's knowledge of general behavior to raise behaviors that are pleasant and minimize those that aren't.

It's useful for people of any age, so an elderly person can benefit from ABA as much as a child can.

Being a tool, ABA finds great benefit for diagnosed autistic individuals, helping them to live an ordinary life that's fulfilling and with fewer stresses.

With the right amount of ABA therapy, a person's autistic symptoms could even reduce to the point where they're forgotten about. However, ABA shouldn't be mistaken as a cure for autism, which it isn't. ABA therapists are in heavy demand in every state.

Many families rely on the services that behavioral therapists provide, more so with small children. Since autism can be diagnosed in very small kids, therapy can begin early in their lives. For those on the spectrum, autism is helpful in many areas, healthcare, education, and business are just three.

Based on research done by web organizations, The Board of Certified Behavior Analysts, or the BCBA, can make a good wage in every state. The average for them is about $63,682 annually.

BCBAs must have a four-year graduate degree to get the career, with additional hours being worked on-site at an ABA clinic or somewhere similar.

Certifications are plenty, and they don't end even after passing. Many certifications for BCBAs must be done every year or two. Although demanding and challenging in some areas, the rewards do pay and show themselves.

steven zauderer

CEO of CrossRiverTherapy - a national ABA therapy company based in the USA.

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