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How Much Do ABA Therapists Make In Arizona?

Find the average ABA therapist salary in Arizona for BCBAs and RBTs.

steven zauderer
Steven Zauderer
September 15, 2023
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What Is The Average ABA Therapist Salary In Arizona?

In Arizona, the average salary for an ABA therapist is $45,000 a year.

In Arizona, the average salary for an ABA therapist is $45,000 a year.

At ABA centers in Arizona, different people work various jobs that are related to applied behavior analysis. This is done for the kids that undergo treatment for their autism. Autism is a disorder that mandates treatment that's done by a professional for its symptoms to go down.

Since there's no cure for the disorder, having it treated through ABA therapy is the best way for those with it to live out their lives the same as other kids. With the right kind of treatment, autism's most severe symptoms can subside and are no longer seen in a patient.

When this occurs in children, they may exhibit signs of a high-functioning autistic patient. However, this doesn't always happen very easily and can require years of treatment after a diagnosis.

As for an ABA center, an employee can't begin working at one without certification or college-level academics under their belt.

People that work at one, including those spread out across Arizona, are certified in handling the most negative of symptoms that persist in autistic kids. Such children typically have behavior issues that include general misbehaving, though in ways that can end up damaging their health or even the safety of other people around them.

Self-harm is a big one and could render a child unable to attend schools like normal, or even make it risky for some to be around their peers. People who work at ABA clinics will know what to do and how to handle children that show all of these characteristics, while at the same time placing them in a better position for toning down negative behaviors.

Various areas of employment exist at ABA centers throughout Arizona. The mean price for an ABA therapist isn't indicative of what everyone working at one makes. It might be considered more or less than average, especially when workers are further classified by their position, duties, and responsibilities.

The mean salary for the highest positions at an ABA center, such as a BCBA, might be two to three times more than the base salary of a general ABA worker. Those with lower salaries, including base salaries, are usually managed by someone at a high position as well, typically a BCBA.

Lower salaries workers are certainly mandated to have specific certifications needed to carry out their duties, but might not come into the jobs with as many academic credentials as their superiors do. Most BCBAs do four years at a college or university, with some taking in more academic time to earn a Master's or Doctorate in psychology.

How Much Does A BCBA Make In Arizona?

BCBAs in the state of Arizona make an average of $66,830 annually.

BCBA usually earn the highest salaries in an ABA clinic. But experience and numerous other factors could lower the average for some individual BCBAs, or increase it. Beginning BCBAs tend to earn the lower amounts, with the highest taking in six figures in some cases, especially for those able to practice on their own.

How Much Does An RBT Make In Arizona?

RBTs earn an average of $35,000 a year in Arizona.

RBTs often start their work earning a lower salary, but may quickly move up as they become more experienced in the field. Some that are initially starting right after becoming certified could make significantly less than what the average is paid.

Considerations such as length of stay at a particular ABA clinic, the number of years worked there, and the characteristic of their work can produce yearly earnings that far exceed the average in Arizona. This suggests that an RBT could earn over $70,000 a year.

Most that are employed as RBT will further seek out employment that could potentially have them take in much higher earnings. Becoming a BCBA is sometimes sought after and some of the organizations that employ them could assist by contributing funds to the furtherance of their education.

steven zauderer

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