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How Much Do ABA Therapists Make In Indiana?

Find the average ABA therapist salary in Indiana for BCBAs and RBTs.

steven zauderer
Steven Zauderer
September 15, 2023
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What Is The Average ABA Therapist Salary In Indiana?

The average salary for an ABA therapist in Indiana is $34,736 per year.

What Is The Average ABA Therapist Salary In Indiana?

At an ABA center, various workers perform tasks related to the treatment of children with an autism spectrum disorder. It's a serious condition that requires professional treatment for it to be properly managed by people harboring the disorder. As there's no cure for autism, getting it treated through ABA is the most provable way for symptoms to wane down.

With sufficient treatment, symptoms could even appear to disappear altogether. When this occurs with patients, they're colloquially classified as being high functioning.

There are no entry-level positions at reputable ABA treatment centers. The people employed there, including those in the state of Indiana, are skilled professionals that know how to deal with children.

Autistic children often show behavioral problems such as acting out, screaming, throwing tantrums, and engaging in self-harming tactics. ABA therapists can manage these by knowing what to do, how to teach children, and how to set them on a better path to success than they would have without any treatment.

There are different positions within ABA centers in the state, so the average price doesn't reflect the initial payout that someone will make. This could be higher or lower than the average amount.

For example, the average salary of a BCBA in Indiana is over two times the average salary for a general worker at an ABA clinic. People with the lowest salaries tend to be registered behavior technicians, as they're usually supervised by a BCBA but aren't always required to have a Bachelor's to get the jobs.

RBTs spend most of their time carrying out the plans and practices set forth by BCBAs and their equivalent. Many RBTs will likely begin the job at a low rate, then work themselves to a higher salary through experience.

Others may go on to complete college courses while working as a technician until earning their BCBA through testing. All people that work with children at ABA centers are required to undergo numerous evaluations to get their certifications up to date.

How Much Does A BCBA Make In Indiana?

The average annual salary for a BCBA in the state of Indiana is 65,830. However, due to the experience and work credentials of BCBAs, they're likely to earn slightly more. Those that earn less than average or close to it are usually at the beginning of their career.

BCBAs are the therapists that craft plans together for the children and parents that come to their clinic. They conduct interviews with children, parents, and sometimes teachers to help them formulate a working plan for the betterment of children with ASD.

BCBA also carry the most responsibilities, but won't typically carry out the day-to-day therapy sessions that are produced by them. They can also set up sessions to be done at school or even at the home of their clients.

How Much Does An RBT Make In Indiana?

The average salary for an RBT in the state of Indiana is $26,500.

The RBT position is subject to a lower salary, especially relating to the experience of someone. Anyone just beginning at an RBT immediately after earning their credentials will probably start with less than $20,000 a year.

On the high end, averages for RBTs can reach over $37,300 annually. Since many RBTs have plans to further their careers, many will eventually earn more and even become BCBAs.

The state of Indiana, like other states, can require frequent re-certification as a quality control measure. This is to verify that a therapy retains employers that are capable of working with children since ABA therapy is an important and oftentimes personal and life-changing benefit to autistic kids.

steven zauderer

CEO of CrossRiverTherapy - a national ABA therapy company based in the USA.

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