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#1 Virtual ABA Therapy

At Cross River Therapy, our mission is to help your child cross the river to life-changing success and happiness with virtual or telehealth ABA therapy.

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How Does Virtual ABA Therapy Work?


Getting to know your child

Our team of psychologists spend time evaluating your child's history and concerns. We'll get familiar with your child's behavior so we can provide the most personalized telehealth ABA therapy.


Scheduling the therapy

After assessing your child's needs, we will arrange for an ABA paraprofessional to work with them in person, while a BCBA oversees the session through a live video connection.


Custom care for your child

Many children with autism require additional support to stay encouraged as they grow. Our talented team of BCBAs work together with families to develop child-specific behavior plans.

how virtual aba therapy works
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Join Our Team

We’re hiring therapists, BCBAs, RBTs, and other clinical roles to help us provide virtual ABA therapy to children across the U.S.A.

Competitive compensation

Comprehensive training

Remote work + flexible hours

Virtual ABA Therapy

Welcome to our Virtual ABA Therapy program, where we're pioneering a new way to provide exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services. Whether you're seeking remote support due to geographic constraints or simply prefer the convenience of online sessions, our Virtual ABA Therapy offers a cutting-edge solution tailored to your unique needs.

What Parents Say

“Thank you Cross River!”

Cross River has been invaluable for our family! They've provided ABA for our son who has autism, and is non-verbal...

happy aba therapy client

“They exceeded my expectations”

I am very pleased with CRT....My son has tremendously made progress since attending this facility...

happy aba therapy customer
Shonurell Roundtree
Disclaimer: Testimonials were solicited from former clients and are not particular to any specific behavior analysts.

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