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North Carolina ABA Therapy

Personalized at-home, in-school, and center-based ABA therapy in North Carolina, with board-certified therapists to help your child grow.

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aba therapy services in north carolina
716 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203
Monday - Sunday | 8:00am-6pm
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Looking For ABA Therapy In North Carolina?


Getting to know your child

Our team of trained psychologists spend time evaluating your child's history and concerns. Our ABA treatment plans are personalized for your child.


Comprehensive evaluations

Our expert psychologists complete in-depth evaluations to make an accurate diagnosis of your child's behavior, to determine if autism is the cause or something else.


Personalized care for your child

Our medical professionals will develop a custom care plan tailored to your child's needs and diagnosis, whether they need therapy, medication, or both. We offer at-home, school-based, and center-based.

autism therapy services in north carolina

North Carolina ABA Therapy Near You

At Cross River Therapy, we're proud to offer ABA therapy in North Carolina for children ages 1-21, in the comfort of your home. Our team of therapists are trained to help your child through behavior therapy.

Cross River Therapy's North Carolina ABA therapy program is customized to the individual child's needs, at home where everyone is most comfortable.

Contact us today to learn more about at-home therapy and how your child can grow through behavior therapy.

parent and family training for aba therapy
in-home aba therapy in north carolina

Looking For ABA Therapy In North Carolina?

We help families learn how to reinforce positive behaviors in their child and correct negative behaviors.

We'll work together to help your child learn and grow, with Applied Behavior Analysis in NC that is proven to help children with autism.

Together, we can help your child live a more independent life by providing them with behavioral therapy.

Your child deserves therapy from worldclass medical specialists, and we're ready to provide it.

Our goal is to get children the best support: personalized and collaborative care to help them reach new milestones.

To find out more information about our training for families and parents, contact us today.

north carolina aba therapy

Start ABA Therapy In North Carolina Today

Cross River Therapy is proud to offer at-home, center-based, school-based, and online autism therapy, as well as autism evaluation, to families in North Carolina.

Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians are highly experienced and led by our leadership team who have 20+ years of experience in autism therapy, evaluation, and clinical psychology.

We invite you to speak with a member from our team to learn more about our programs, accepted insurance plans, and payment options in North Carolina.

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ABA Therapy In
North Carolina

We're proud to help children with autism learn, grow, and thrive through personalized behavioral therapy.

What families are saying

“I am happy with Cross River!”

I am happy with Cross River Therapy. They are awesome. I would recommend to others.

happy aba therapy client
Connie Shoffner

“I am very pleased!”

My son has tremendously made progress since attending this facility...

happy aba therapy customer
Shonurell Roundtree
Disclaimer: Testimonials were solicited from former clients and are not particular to any specific behavior analysts.

Ready To Start ABA Therapy In North Carolina?

Our ABA Therapists In North Carolina

Rafaella Gashi
Director of Clinic Operations, Charlotte

Rafaella became a BCBA in 2019 and enjoys every single day of being able to provide ABA services to kiddos and adults.

Marissa Cary
BCBA – Supervision Program Director

Marissa has always been passionate about working with children and supporting people in the field of ABA.

Kelsie Hoilen

Kelsie has worked in the field of ABA since 2013 and has served clients and families in home, clinic, and settings.

Ellen Davis
Lead RBT

Ellen was introduced to ABA services during an internship in 2012 and carried that interest with her through her educational career.

Han-Leong Goh
BCBA-D & Regional Clinical Trainer

Han received his Ph.D. in Psychology (ABA) at the University of Florida in 1997.

Angela Bonavita
BCBA-Clinic Director

Angela attended undergraduate at Salve Regina University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Psychology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABA therapy?

ABA therapy, short for Applied Behavior Analysis, is the application of principles of learning and motivation that seek to produce solutions to the problems of social significance.

North Carolina ABA programs are designed to assess and treat the specific needs of the individual to teach them socially significant skills to meet their needs and reach their goals.

Techniques such as reinforcement, prompting, sharing, and fading are used to teach new skills while interacting with their environment in a relevant way and having fun.

Read More: ABA Therapy Techniques

What are your business hours?

Monday – Sunday 8am – 6pm.

Does North Carolina have good autism services?

Yes, at Cross River Therapy, we have a team that is available 24/7 to answer all your questions or concerns.

We offer individualized ABA therapy in the comfort of your home which can help your child learn positive behaviors, social skills, communication, and increased focus. It is considered to be the gold-standard treatment for children with ASD or other developmental conditions.

Our highly-trained Board Certified Behavior Analysts and ABA therapists work one-on-one with your child to provide highly effective and personalized therapy.

What is the best treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder in North Carolina?

The Center for Disease Control offers an outline of treatments approved for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), of which ABA is noted.

One caution among professionals and experts is to warn parents of the use of non-evidence-based treatments. Applied Behavior Analysis is one of a few evidence-based treatments for ASD available.

A thorough review of studies has shown that ABA programs are among the top intervention choices when designed by an experienced and credentialed professional (a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst).

What areas do you serve?

Cross River Therapy is quickly expanding into new locations, including:

How can we get in touch?

Feel free to reach out to us at: Tel: (919) 375-0475 Email: info@crossrivertherapy.com. Remember, you can schedule appointments and contact our team online here.

Is autism a disability in North Carolina?

Not all adults diagnosed with autism will qualify as having a disability for SSI purposes. It depends on the degree to which their autism affects their daily living, ability to hold a job, and care for themselves.

How many hours of ABA is recommended in North Carolina?

One of the core components of an ABA program is that it is specifically tailored to the skills and needs of the individual.

For some this means an intensive treatment plan containing many hours of therapy per week, for others only a few hours would be sufficient to produce the skill acquisition that is needed.

ABA programs are data driven, meaning they use data to drive decision making in treatment goals, progress, and effectiveness.

In other words, if the data show progress is not being made at a sufficient level, your Behavior Analyst will make changes to the treatment plan.

North Carolina Insurance Coverage For ABA Therapy

Our team will handle confirming your insurance coverage and benefits to help you receive therapy at an affordable price.

We'll make sure to communicate them with you, and inform you of the insurance providers available in your state, along with any associated costs.

Learn more about how insurance can help your child receive autism therapy by contacting a member from our team today.

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