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We help your child thrive and reach new milestones with ABA therapy in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

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We accept most insurance plans

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What Sets Us Apart

Cross River Therapy is proud to provide personalized autism therapy to the Jacksonville community. We believe care should be personalized for each child, not one-size-fits-all.

We understand many of you feel that your community provides few opportunities for children, especially in the field of behavioral therapy.

Our mission is to make ABA therapy easily accessible for all families in need. We have a team of 175 RBTs and BCBAs that are dedicating their lives to helping children with autism reach new milestones.

We've rebuilt a care model that is evidence-based and personalized to help your child navigate the ups and downs of living with autism.

We invite you to contact a member from our team to learn more about ABA therapy, accepted insurance plans, and payment options in Jacksonville.

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What families in Jacksonville are saying

"I highly recommend Cross River Therapy."

I can’t be thankful enough for what they offer my kid and my family. My kid's behavior changed a lot with the therapy I see improvement with his goals all the time.

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Eman Badwan

“I am happy with Cross River!”

Cross River has been invaluable for our family! They've provided ABA for our son who has autism, and is non-verbal...

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Disclaimer: Testimonials were solicited from former clients and are not particular to any specific behavior analysts.

How It Works


Evaluating your child's behavior

Our team spends time evaluating your child's behavior and history. We focus on gaining key insights to help us create a personalized care plan.


Diagnosis and evaluation

Our expert clinicians do in-depth evaluations to make an accurate diagnosis of your child's symptoms. We complete autism evaluation either in-person or online.


Starting a custom care plan

Our board-certified clinicians develop a care plan that's personalized for your child's unique needs and diagnosis. We deliver fun and engaging care right in your home, at an ABA center, or online.

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In-Home ABA Therapy

We work directly with your child in the comfort of their home to help them reach new milestones.

With over 20 years of experience in autism evaluation, therapy, and clinical psychology, our team of board-certified therapists are trained to help your child learn and grow.

Every child is different, and so is every therapy journey. While therapy is foundational to your child's growth, we'll also evaluate other support options depending on your child's individual needs.

We invite you to contact our team today to learn more about how ABA works, accepted insurance plans (we accept most), and payment options in Jacksonville.

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Our Therapists Care About Providing The Best Care

We work directly with your child in the comfort of their home to help them reach new milestones.

Our team of board-certified clinicians help children with autism all across the U.S. with personalized care.

Research shows that ABA therapy has a 90% success rate for children with autism. We're ready to help your child be successful and thrive.

Our clinical experts are ready to evaluate, determine the root cause of your child's symptoms, and develop a treatment plan.

We're ready to help answer your questions and provide a free quote. Let's help your child grow, together.

We offer personalized ABA therapy in the comfort of your home which can help your child learn communication, positive behaviors, social skills, and increased focus.

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Help Us Provide
Personalized Care

We’re hiring therapists, RBTs, BCBAs, and other clinical roles.

Competitive compensation

Flexible hours

In-depth training

Our Team Is Ready To Help

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What areas do you serve?

Cross River Therapy is quickly expanding into new locations throughout North Carolina:

Our Best-In-Class Therapists

Melida Baldera

Melida Baldera, Ms. Ed, BCBA joined Cross River Therapy as a BCBA in 2021, servicing Charlotte, North Carolina.

Stephanie Nessle

Stephanie has been immersed in the field of ABA for the last 5 years.

Alina Lovano

Alina has been helping children for 7 years working as an RBT, BCaBA, and a BCBA.

Cynthia White
Regional Clinical Trainer, BCBA

Cynthia has been helping children maintain strong relationships through ABA therapy since 2013.