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aba therapy in gilbert arizona

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How It Works


Assessments and diagnosis

Our board-certified therapists use a variety of techniques to assess your child's symptoms to become familiar with their behavior.


Delivering a diagnosis

Next, we analyze the child's symptoms and behavior to deliver an accurate diagnosis. Our team contacts you as soon as the diagnosis is complete.


Providing personalized care

We assign a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to work directly with your child. Our collaborative approach helps us deliver the best care.

how aba therapy works

Decoding The Symptoms

Our board-certified clinicians are here to evaluate, determine the root cause, and develop a treatment plan for your child.

Difficulty with social interactions
Does not keep or avoids eye contact
Difficulty showing facial expressions
Need for routines and rules
No spoken words by 16 months
Doesn't respond to name by 9 months old
Being upset by small changes
Repetitive body movements

Benefits Of Autism Therapy

Here are some of the benefits children have experienced after taking ABA therapy.

  • Provides tools for parents. ABA provides parenting strategies that can help the child grow faster and reach their full potential.
  • Increases positive behaviors. Children are taught to repeat positive and reduce negative behaviors. Your child's therapist uses several techniques to accomplish behavior change.
  • Improves mental skills. Studies have shown that applied behavior analysis can help children improve memory, focus, and attention.
Outcomes Of Applied Behavior Analysis
benefits of aba therapy

ABA Therapy Has A 90% Success Rate

Our clinical psychologists have 20+ years of experience in helping children with autism reach their full potential.

They help children create realistic goals for their self-development to help them attain behavioral, social, and mental skills.

Research has shown that ABA therapy has a 90% success rate for children with autism.

The strategies our clinicians have developed over the last 20 years has helped our clients see meaningful improvements in their child's learning and social skills after working with us.

We're ready to help your child thrive and we welcome you to contact our team today. Our team will show you how autism therapy can be covered by a wide range of insurance providers.

ABA Therapy In Arizona

We're proud to help children with autism thrive on the spectrum in cities all throughout Arizona.

Our Board-Certified Therapists

Kristin Randy
Regional Clinical Director

Kristin has been working with children diagnosed with disabilities in the home, school and clinic settings since 2012.

Sarah Mason
Safety Trainer

One of my favorite parts of working here is meeting and training staff in prevention and de-escalation using Safety Care.

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We're proud to offer ABA therapy in the following cities:

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