ABA Therapy In Mesa, Arizona

Give your child personalized ABA therapy in Mesa, Arizona to help them thrive.

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aba therapy in mesa arizona

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How It Works


Assessments and diagnosis

Our board-certified clinicians assess your child's behavior and symptoms. After the autism assessment, a diagnosis is given.


Developing personalized care

Next, we develop a care plan which is personalized for your child. ABA strategies are tailored to your child based on the diagnosis.


Delivering best-in-class care

We deliver best-in-class autism therapy to help your child thrive. Your child's therapist uses play-based therapy which is proven to positively impact children on the spectrum.

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Decoding The Symptoms

Our highly-experienced clinicians are here to evaluate, determine the root cause, and develop a treatment plan for your child.

Difficulty with verbal communications
Problems with social interactions
Difficulty expressing emotions
Does not point to show you something
No spoken words by 16 months
Doesn't respond to name by 9 months old
Does not sing, dance or act for you
Repetitive body movements

ABA Therapy Delivered To Your Door

We're proud to deliver best-in-class therapy at your home for children ages 1-21. Our therapy is designed to help your child thrive on the spectrum, in the most comfortable location.

Your child's Board Certified Behavior Analyst uses a variety of techniques to teach your child to repeat positive behaviors, and reduce negative ones.

The ABA therapy process can be confusing and overwhelming. Our team simplifies it and guides you throughout the entire process.

Contact us to ask any questions, or just learn more about how behavioral therapy can help your child grow in Mesa, Arizona.

applied behavior analysis success rate
aba therapy at home

Applied Behavior Analysis Has A 90% Success Rate

Did you know that ABA therapy has a 90% success rate for children with ASD? Many therapies are used to treat people diagnosed with autism, but ABA therapy provides the best treatment.

It shows high rates of success in helping people achieve more independence, improve social skills, and reduce negative behaviors.

Our clients have seen large improvements in their child's learning and social skills after taking the therapy, and we're ready to help your child achieve the same stellar results.

Your child will be paired with a board-certified therapist who will work 1-on-1 to help your child reach new milestones.

We welcome you to contact our team today, and we'll show you how personalized care can be covered by a wide-range of insurance providers.

ABA Therapy In Arizona

We're proud to help children with autism thrive on the spectrum in cities all throughout Arizona.

Our Board-Certified Therapists

Sarah Mason
Safety Trainer

One of my favorite parts of working here is meeting and training staff in prevention and de-escalation using Safety Care.

Veronica Tighe
Clinical Director

Veronica Tighe values learning and supporting others to achieve their personal, clinical and professional goals.

Susanne Strickland
Regional Clinic Director

Susanne is the Regional Clinic Director, serving families in and around her hometown of Nashville, NC.

Courtney Erker
Arizona Clinical Director

She received her board certification in August of 2017 and has been practicing as a BCBA since then in all settings.

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