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ABA Therapy In Fort Wayne, Indiana

Give your child worldclass ABA therapy in Fort Wayne, Indiana to help them thrive.

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How It Works


Analyzing your child's behavior

We start the therapy process by analyzing and becoming familiar with your child's behavior and symptoms. This helps us get enough context to give an accurate diagnosis.


Giving an accurate diagnosis

Our medical clinicians evaluate the data they collected while analyzing your child's behavior. Then, they work on making a diagnosis to determine if autism is the cause.


Delivering personalized care

Our mission is providing the best care to children on the spectrum who need it. Whether your child is just a toddler, or they're in middle school, we're ready to help them with ABA therapy.

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Fort Wayne Autism Center For Children Ages 1-21

Children diagnosed with autism grow up with many challenges that children without the disorder don't have.

If your child is diagnosed with autism and is 1-21 years old, they can grow a lot from taking ABA therapy. In fact, applied behavior analysis has 90% success rates in helping autistic children.

Our experienced clinicians customize your child's care plan to their unique needs, symptoms, and diagnosis. The therapy can take place at your home, our clinic, or virtually.

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Thoughtfully-Planned ABA Therapy

Did you know that 50% of children with autism who receive the ABA therapy they need before turning four years old have increased social skills and IQ levels?

At CrossRiverTherapy, our clinicians offer a one-of-a-kind coordinated treatment which provides your child many opportunities to grow and learn new skills, all in the location of your choice.

We're here for you, and we'll be there for you, too. Let our board-certified therapists come to you with a variety of therapy strategies that are proven to help children improve their symptoms.

ABA therapy is proven to improve social, learning, and developmental skills in children with ASD. We welcome you to contact our team today to learn more about ABA and how it can help your child thrive.

Our Best-In-Class Therapists In Fort Wayne

Han-Leong Goh
BCBA-D & Regional Clinical Trainer

Han received his Ph.D. in Psychology (ABA) at the University of Florida in 1997.

Yitzi Segal
Chief Operating Officer

Yitzi is passionate about building employee alignment with company goals to achieve success.

Cities We Service

We're proud to help children on the autism spectrum thrive, in cities all throughout Indiana.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can ABA therapy cure autism?

Experts consider Applied Behavior Analysis the best way to manage symptoms and develop social and learning skills. It's important to know that ABA therapy cannot cure autism, and there is no cure for autism. ASD is a complicated disorder that impacts every person differently.

How can we get in touch?

Feel free to reach out to us at: Tel: (919) 375-0475 Email: info@crossrivertherapy.com. You can also schedule appointments and contact our team online.

ABA Therapy Insurance Coverage In Fort Wayne

We always handle confirming your insurance coverage and make sure you know which insurance provider you can use in Fort Wayne.

If you'd like to learn more about how insurance plans can help your family pay for autism therapy, contact our team.

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